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Instrumentalist: electric and acoustic guitars, drums, percussion, mandolin, keyboards, penny whistles, and effects.

Composer / Arranger: folk, rock, jazz, fusion, classical, electronic, harmony, band, consort or orchestral.

Voice Specialist: characters, narration, audio books; classically trained singer, folk, blues, or pop and spoken word in a deep, calming or lively tone.

Recording Engineer / Record Producer: live and multi-track sessions, digital and analog. 3-D binaural sound recordings.

Theatre Director: musical theatre creator and technical director, producer of many live shows, set and sound design.

Dance Accompanist: modern and ballet, composer of music for choreography.

Writer / Collaborator: journalist, poet, co-creator, wordsmith, script development.

Workshop Leader: rhythm, music, movement, non-verbal communication, theatre.

Jerome Jarvis    



About forty years ago, i put together a cassette tape of my songs of the day solo voice and guitar - recorded live under diverse circumstances -to give to my fellow musicians who might play with me on subsequent gigs,or whatever. From that tape, Jerome has extracted and polished up eleven songs as an (online) album ...the title of which is RKives. Herewith: eleven songs from the dim recesses of my randomly-construed cult of obscurity -- most never on my records, a couple i forgot i even wrote...three of them (Welcome Surprise, People are Out of Tune, and Heart of the Beast) were on Perth County Conspiracy (does not exist) recordings from the past.
Dunno if it's 'indie', 'nostalgia', 'retro' or what...doesn't really seem to matter...... music has the ability to blend past, present, and future into just one big NOW ! . . . And i'm livin' in it...!

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