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About SPOTT FARM'S "Once Upon a Farm...1974"

The music in this collection was recorded live under diverse and less than ideal conditions, never intended for public release; but rather as an archive of our musical history. In 2006 I became aware that several bootleg recordings of dubious quality had been circulating among fans and friends; and I decided there ought to be an "official" record from these times : 1970 to '75. So I have assembled this album from various live recordings, repaired, reconstructed and remastered to create the posthumous Spott Farm album:
Once Upon a Farm.

Now, after 8 years of offering the music for download here and on CBC3 (streaming only), I thought it could be improved upon and so I have re-remastered the tracks using updated edititing software, and I'm pleased be able to offer this newly re-released collection absolutely free.


“Once Upon a Farm - 1974 "- redux 2016 - The SONGS

  1. Wake Up <> R.Knechtel
  2. We Can Be Friends / My Life Will Be Your Happiness <> J.R. Hutt/B.Mahood
  3. Can You See Me-Closer Than You Think <> J.Jarvis
  4. Lord Help Me <> J.R.Hutt
  5. Pilgrim's Progress/ Welcome Surprise <> C.Smith/R.Keelan (Perth County Conspiracy dne)
  6. It Takes a Long Long Time <> R.Knechtel
  7. Live My Life <> J.Jarvis
  8. I'd Like to See You in the Country <> R.Knechtel
  9. Making Up My Joy <> N.Paterson
  10. She Said I Said <> J.Lennon reinvented by Spott Farm (live on “Wired World” Waterloo Community Radio)
  11. Song for Lorne <> T.Holmes
  12. Don’t Let the Cold Get Your Mind <> J.R.Hutt
  13. Memories <> J.Jarvis

The Players

Bob Mahood - Lead Vocals, Flute, Percussion, Harmonica (12) Keyboards (8)
Nick Paterson - Bass, BGs, Lead Vocals on (9)
Dave Scott - Lead Guitar, BG Vocals
Rick Hutt - Keyboards, Guitar (8, 12), Recorder (9), Lead Vocals on (4,8,12)
Tom Holmes - Violin, BGs, Lead Vocals on (3 [midsection] ,11)
Jerome Jarvis - Drums, Percussion, BGs, Guitar and Lead vocals on (13)
Special guest: Richard Knechtel – Acoustic Guitar (6), Lead Vocals on (6)
All songs used by permission ©1975 (or earlier) SOCAN
Produced by Jerome Jarvis for Recordings Unlimited (URU DL 1)

Recordings Unlimited © 2016