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Instrumentalist: electric and acoustic guitars, drums, percussion, mandolin, keyboards, penny whistles, and effects.

Composer / Arranger: folk, rock, jazz, fusion, classical, electronic, harmony, band, consort or orchestral.

Voice Specialist: characters, narration, audio books; classically trained singer, folk, blues, or pop and spoken word in a deep, calming or lively tone.

Recording Engineer / Record Producer: live and multi-track sessions, digital and analog. 3-D binaural sound recordings.

Theatre Director: musical theatre creator and technical director, producer of many live shows, set and sound design.

Dance Accompanist: modern and ballet, composer of music for choreography.

Writer / Collaborator: journalist, poet, co-creator, wordsmith, script development.

Workshop Leader: rhythm, music, movement, non-verbal communication, theatre.

Jerome Jarvis    



mp3 Album JEROME (11 tracks)
Previously released in 1990 as Rural Records 05
Plus 3 bonus tracks

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